One major source of anxiety at the moment is job security, especially for those in the public sector. Well, I have some good news.

An email arrived in my inbox today, that assured me (and the UK economy) that good news was on the way. Citing two job creation sources.

The first, Barclays Corporate Job Creation Survey 2011, questioned 500 executives of UK businesses of all sizes. The survey revealed that 57% of companies said they planned to create jobs over the coming 12 months.

• Large companies (turnover over £500m) were the most positive around job creation with 85% planning to create positions in 2011, all of them full time.

• Small businesses (turnover under £5m) were more conservative, with 41% set to create new jobs this year, and only half of these positions full time.

• Of the jobs to be created in 2011 in the UK, more than eight out of ten (82%) will be at junior/middle management or skilled labour level.

The second source, data from Reed’s Job Index confirmed the positive survey results. UK job opportunities rose by 16% in February on the previous month according to the index. The index rose 18 points month-on-month to 131 and employer demand rose 27 points, up 26%.

Of course, action is required, and the usual job hunting techniques 9which includes apply tenacity to organisation skills) but at least the future is not as downbeat as the media would have us believe AND knowing the sectors that are more likely to be recruiting, helps decide where to aim your job search.

(I should add the source was the very credible: CVtrumpet)