There are two side effects to domestic violence that really trouble me. One is the rate of depression suffered by women and same sex couples (higher when contrasted with heterosexual men) and the other is the risk to society that occurs because sufferers of abuse, within the context of a relationship, struggle to proceed to prosecute the perpetrators of the violence.

The Home Office (through the CPS) are doing their hardest to help victims cope with going to court but recently Victim Support have suffered savage cuts in their funding ( as have we all), so I fear, the number of offenders of violence who escape justice will increase.

There are some alternative solutions, like myself, many of my colleagues in both the counselling and psychology professions are well trained to provide interventions that support the victims move forward with their lives (e.g. Parkes) and abusers get treatment for their anger management. But to be effective, these programmes take time to run their course (eight weeks and longer) and that can be expensive for those on low wages or income support, so additional accommodation must be made for those in this situation.