Speaking today in the House of Lord, Justice and Security Bill (House of Lords) committee (1st Day)Lord Campbell-Savours: “My Lords, I have reservations which I will deal with when I speak to my amendment arguing the case for a Select Committee to take on these responsibilities. Parliament is being required to approve wording which suggests that this committee is controlled by Parliament, but without recognising what the Justice and SecurityGreen Paper of October 2011 says at paragraph 3.19. It states:

“However, under such arrangements”-

that is, the arrangements of a Select committee

    “the Government would clearly have no veto on publication of sensitive material”.

I repeat:

    “no veto on publication of sensitive material”.

In other words, the provision is being introduced as a way for the Government to secure control outside of Parliament, through this half-measure of a committee, over the publication of sensitive material. My view is very simple. If they want to do that, let it be done through a full Select Committee structure. That is the substance of my amendment which will come later.”

At least someone is watching the Government – a fact Parliament seems incapable of doing!