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Accorindg to reports from avaaz, ‘a young Indian young man has hung himself in a public garden in Bahrain. He was one of over 100 Indians enslaved in Bahrain by their employer (Nass Corporation whose UK partner is the Scottish firm Braemar Golf. ).

Reports suggest as many as 350,000 Indians live in Bahrain and almost 70% live in slave-like conditions working for wealthy Bahrain companies like Nass

Once employed NASS is reported to underpay their staff and then put in place travel bans so the employees are trapped. Living in misery and without hope of escape people like my brother are left with one option: suicide.

The Indian Embassy has asked Nass to lift the travel ban on its remaining 100 workers so they can return home, but we hear this is being refused.

Nass has entered into a partnership with a Scottish company Braemar Golf.  You can help apply pressure by signing this petition in advance of the adverts in the Scottish media.’