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As the war for low cost talent begins (the REC reports 55% of employers are seekng to increase staffing), CV Trumpet have reported on the latest jobs figures from the recruitment firm Manpower commenting that James Hick, MD of Manpower UK suggests  “These figures demonstrate that the uptick in the jobs market is no flash in the pan.”

According to the article the survey reveals interesting disparities across the UK. Employers in Wales report the most optimism with a +15% outlook.

“The southern half of the UK continues to perform well with the South West reporting an outlook of +5%, the East of England +4%, and the South East +3%.” Contrast this with London which is hovering at  +2%.

Sadly job seekers in Yorkshire and Humberside are adversely impacted (falling to -8%), Scotland is at -2% and the North West is down at -3%.

In contrast, employers in the neighbouring North East report an outlook of +9%. Meanwhile, in the East Midlands optimism remains at +6%, and the West Midlands shows similar positivity at +5%.

So which sectors are recruiting? Finance & business services are the most positive sector for and manufacturing sector employers report an encouraging outlook of +5%. Construction seems to be rather damp!

In the utilities sector, employers mirror the outlook of manufacturing employers, although it declines considerably from +14% in the last quarter.

Construction remains firmly in negative territory with an outlook of -8%, albeit a small improvement on the last survey.James Hick, comments: “…….  there is well rewarded work out there, especially for those who are prepared to adjust, get ready for work and demonstrate they’ve got in-demand skills.”

In another report, the Organisation for Economic Co-operate and Development (OECD) revealed that in 2010, an average graduate in a developed country such as the UK can expect to earn 59% more than those that did not go to university. This is compared to 44% in 2001. 

Not mentioned in any of these reports, but featured on BBC Radio 4 today, is that some recruitment firms are suggesting ‘their clients were selecting only graduates,’ thus indicating the war for “low cost” talent is underway!  

One more bit of good new (this time from Incomes Data Services (IDS), is that the median pay settlement across the UK is holding steady at 2.5 per cent, with almost three-quarters of pay deals in the three months to August 2012 were in the 2 per cent to 3.99 per cent range.