I recently had good reason to read the background of HHJ Anne Molyneux and read her comments on applying for a senior role as circuit judge, and her advice rings true for many senior roles.

“…..You have to force yourself to fill the form in properly. It can be very challenging and difficult. My advice is to take a couple of days off. Go to a library or quiet place away from home or the office. Do one question. Then have a treat, be that a walk, coffee or cake. Go back to the library and complete another question. Repeat the process until you have finished the form.”

She then continues ‘do not send it in until you have asked a couple of trusted friends to look at it with you.’

Finally she remarks “you have to put as much energy and effort into it, as if it was your thesis and provide evidence of your abilities. You can’t just think ‘I really want this job’.

Of course the selection process has moved on in ten years.  Before you might expect to complete a form and attend an interview.  Now you have those basics PLUS and assessment centres or psychometric tests, but her advice holds good for the start of the process and the mantra “You can’t just think ‘I really want this job” You have to make it happen!!