Listening to BBC Radio 4 the other morning I was reminded of the transient nature of research papers and how the internet is opening up the freedom of information exchange; to the benefit of us all.

It is a sad therefore to find that one bastion of free information CaseCheck is migrating to a paid for service.  Is this another free internet service that turns native.  Time for a caselawwikipedia?

Whilst I have often benefited from the comments made by CaseCheck and their advisors, sometimes they make a point that does not need investigation and I simply, other times the service simply flags up a case and the particular facts. Often the timely remind us to examine the underlying facts in detail whereupon the judgement yields insight into employment law that benefits my clients (to say nothing of my own CPD).

One can only hope that the firms retains some comment or analysis for free otherwise I can see no way that the service can offer what is not already available elsewhere. Of course the CaseCheck venture needs financial support, so this is not a case of bah humbug, just anxiety over the potential loss of a hitherto useful aide.  Part of me actaully feels like saying “good luck.”

Watch this space for further updates on the currently excellent service from CaseCheck (and I pray it does not fall into the same old consumer offering by commercial firms).