I read that Fox news are reporting that more and more over 35’s are returning to education to increase the skills – good news for educators and the government but the quite rightly argue “With tuition [fees] so high, experts recommend greying workers access their financial and current career situation and create a plan to make sure going back to school makes investment sense.Not only the cost of fees but consider to the cost of living.  In this country you can receive about £12,000 in state aid and that wont stretch you very far!  What about the impact on your family?Can skills be acquired part time?  Since the 1990’2 distance learning has taken on a new look and technology means you joined with fellow students and lecturers far more closely that at any time in history.Last year I took time out and thoroughly enjoyeed the experience, mad enew friends, aquired new skills and learnt I could I could still learn!

Get the few hurdles out of the  way and I say “GO FOR IT!”

Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2012/09/17/what-older-workers-should-consider-before-heading-back-to-school/#ixzz28WkPFwJB