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An article published by HR Magazine quotes a new reports by the Roffey Park Institute claims that HR been neglecting the ‘small stuff’ in its quest to take a more strategic seat at the conference table?   In an argument that has been going on ever since I joined the CIPD this article reports the view of the majority of line managers see a “worrying picture of disconnection between HR and the line” and specifically suggests that line managers are losing confidence in HR departments, as HR has tried to move away from the traditional ‘hire and fire’ function to a more strategic role.

Perhaps more worrying is that the reports also says that as HR becomes more strategic, managers can be left feeling unsupported. Something that I have echoed for a number of years.  To my mind HR is and should remain a support mechanism, for the organisation, for management for employees and latterly, for the wider pool of stakeholder.

When it comes to who ‘owns’ what, the report claims that line managers see HR as mainly responsible for interpreting employment law, and also favour HR taking the lead on exit interviews and handling redundancies, although most managers agree they should also play a role here. In contrast, managers think they should take responsibility for performance appraisals, selecting and assessing new employees, writing job descriptions, talking about career development and projecting future workforce planning.