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I read that calls for a register of healthcare assistants in line with the recommendations proposed by Robert Francis in his February report (into the deaths of between 400 and 1,200 patients at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust) has gained some ground well more support anyway). 

A poll by the British Journal of Healthcare Assistants has found that 93 per cent of assistants would fully support the idea of compulsory registration.   The survey of 385 staff also found that 67 per cent of healthcare assistants would be prepared to pay for registration, contradicting the government’s argument that it would penalise low paid assistants. 

I can not help but wonder why they see a benefit?  What exactly is that benefit and how does regulation help?

I am yet to see how regulation has helped a profession. Wrong doing is wrong; if it is not a criminal act, then why aren’t management acting on it? Shifting the burden to a committee or club does not help.