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 An attempt to overturn changes to health and safety law being brought under the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act failed last week.

The reform will mean that in some cases employees will no longer be able to rely on the fact that an employer has breached a rule in order to bring a claim for injury; instead, they will have to prove that the employer was actually negligent.

What’s wrong with that, you may think. Employers will only be held to account where they are shown to have behaved negligently, and that is fair. This will make it harder for employees to bring claims against their employers.

As the David Bott, the past-president of Association of Personal Injury Lawyers’ told their annual conference, the changes are ‘the latest unconscionable thing’ that the government has done; and said the move harked back to Victorian times. A theme repeated on this blog!!

For more on this see the online “Law Society Gazette” article here