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The retail landscape is changing rapidly and the pace of international expansion has quickened.  Law firm Eversheds‘  have just released guidance on the key areas for retailers to be aware of as they move into new territories. 

This free guide from Eversheds’ examines (from the specific perspective of retail) key European jurisdictions, the guide focuses on retail compliance, e-commerce & data protection, employment law and real estate and looks in detail at the key legal issues each area faces, and how to avoid common legal problems. James Batham, Head of Retail at Eversheds’ can be contacted jamesbatham@eversheds.com

Want more HR specific advice?

Well worth the free download but I recommend employers (you must have more than 100 staff) join the Federation of European Employers who, for just £1000 offer expert advice, fact sheets and pay advice.

Got your eyes on a bigger market?

I am thinking that most retailers will be avoiding the USA after the recent Tesco failure…..but if you are the exception then HR professionals can join the Society of Human Resources (SHRM) which is more than just the US equivalent of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD).