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UK organisations could enjoy cost reductions and productivity gains running up to £8.1bn, or 0.5% of GDP, by improving their approach to flexible working according to a report published by think tank “RSA and Vodafone UK.”  Their report found that employees estimate they could gain on average five productive hours per week (for instance from commuting) through better ways of working, which equates to around £4,200 per employee per year.  
Not much of a surprise there but certainly worth employers considering as a way of alleviating stress on payroll bills and for those looking for work, perhaps meaning they can take a lower pay grade?Jeroen Hoencamp, Enterprise Director at Vodafone UK said: “British business needs to adopt a new mind-set. Flexible working isn’t just working from home and these findings reveal that, with an optimised approach, businesses can overcome any downsides and greatly increase efficiency and productivity, as well as boost their bottom line.”The report goes on to reveal that sixty-four per cent of those with experience of flexible working say it has enhanced their job satisfaction – providing tangible evidence that personal and performance benefits are closely linked.