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Workers on zero hours contracts are likely to earn £6 per hour less than other employees, according to figures released by the Labour party last week.

The analysis, by the Resolution Foundation, found that staff on zero hours contracts earned an average of £9 per hour, compared to £15 per hour for other workers” is being used to fuel the demand to abolish zero hour contracts.

The professional body for personnel bods like myself, CIPD, note that zero hours contracts are “known to be more prevalent in the hospitality, entertainment and retail sectors, where the market rate for many roles [necessarily to my mind] was at the lower end of the pay spectrum. By comparison, the national minimum wage is £6.31 for those aged 21 and over.”

Which is the cart and which is the horse?

If the argument for abolishing Zero hours contracts is low wages, then what of shop keepers, the self-employed….. surely, to maintain flexibility employers need a choice of contracts as indeed employees need a choice of jobs to choose (if they do not like the terms offered).  So HM Gov, which is the cart and which is the horse?

Remember too that we have real and constant pressure for Europe seeking to curtail  or eradicate the use of temporary staffing agencies.

My suggestion is that, if there is no clear solution, then doping nothing is the best option.