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A great new series of linked circles have been set up for women in the beautiful east London venue of Redbridge Drama Centre.  The circles are being facilitated by an highly experienced therapist Wajeeha Amin and the much respected mentor/coach Leela Turner.

What is a circle?  Well, you could think of it as a symposium but in reality Circles are a blend of seminar, experience and space for sharing.  Perhaps best described from their objects “connect, share, and laugh.”

Each circle forms part of a linked series of circles that will empower women, provide support network and help women to slow down whilst connect with themselves and providing tips, tools and techniques that will enable women to get the best out of themselves and their relationships

The first Circle opens 5th October and priced at only £40 is a steal to say nothing of a fantastic way to get out of  the house and meet new people.  

For more information email events@wajeehaamin.co.uk or visit wajeehaamin.co.uk