Within HR, by Del Hunter

Del Hunter, commercially minded HR leader

Del Hunter, hands-on, solution-focused and commercially minded HR leader

Del Hunter, hands-on, solution-focused and commercially minded HR leader


I have a track record of inspiring teams, identifying, nurturing and developing talent. I have improved business profitability across fast paced, highly competitive, multi-site, contracted and professional services sectors and put in the relevant policies and procedures to underpin growth.

Having had exposure to a range of high pressure environments, I have been able to implement a range of strategies and methods to enable projects to proceed smoothly and provide focused support to meet deadlines.

I have a particular talent for client/user liaison, identification of problems and developing workable solutions.

 About this blog

I use this blog as a means for professional development, reference and commentary, choosing to share my observations and reflections and welcome comments.

The cases shown are real.  However it is important to note that the law is fickle (did you need reminding of that)?  Judgments  from the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) and Higher Courts within England and Wales are very fact specific and subject to appeal which means nothing in this blog can be construed as professional advice.

If you need specific HR advice please do not hesitate to contact me or speak with your own in-house team/lawyer.

Material marked with a third-party logo, all images and links are copyright protected by the third party.  Everything else you may share without restriction.  That said, I ask as a courtesy, that where you use the contents of this blog, you reference me as I reference others.

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